• Almost every year ,at least one question is asked from the error and measurement .And the catch point is most of the student take this chapter for granted,and only memorize the formulas,leaving this chapter for the fag end of their preparation period.Believe me,this chapter only takes atmost one day for the completion,giving you an extra edge over others,extra confidence and some extra marks too in the JEE Advanced.
    • Mechanics ,Laws of Motion  and Energy momentum (and SHM) forms the backbone of the class 11th physics.So utilize your summer time in strengthening these chapters,as the questions asked in JEE are of quite good level, and test your basics.
    • Relative motion,Moving pulley problems,conservation of momentum and energy,2D collision problems,Vernier callipers are some of the topics from which question is asked almost every year.
    • Projectile motion on inclined plane is not asked in JEE papers,so do it only if you have sufficient time.
That's all folks!Hope you gain some insight from my experiences.. :P.

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