Spectrum as the word itself signifies is the coverage of the concepts, characteristics, etc of any subject or topic in the widest possible manner. And Arihant is back with its popular Mathematics Spectrum to provide wide coverage of the concepts covered under the JEE Main and Advanced Chemistry syllabi.This monthly magazine will ensure thorough understanding of the concepts covered under JEE Main and Advanced syllabi through various sections like Master the NCERT, Board Exam Corner, School Practice, Olympiad Practice and Exam Diary. The present issue begins with JEE Focus topic Chemical Equilibrium and Catalysis covered comprehensively followed by Practice Session for JEE Advanced covering Coordination Compounds. The Medi Centre section covers Electrochemistry whereas Master the NCERT covers Redox Reactions. The Exam Diary section covers JEE Main Solved Paper (Offline) and JEE Advanced Solved Paper 1. Optical Isomerism is covered under JEE Advanced Corner followed by Chemical Kinetics covered under Board Exam Corner. Classification of Elements is covered under the School Practice section. Other sections in the magazine cover Assertion-Reason, Olympiad Practice and Chemistry Spectrum for You. As the present edition covers various dimensions of the subject, it for sure will help boost anxious and excited young minds of the Nation. Also the certain new features will help increase the exposure towards the subject.

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